Custom Artwork: Button Inserts Cut by Manufacturer

Button insert size diagram

Pushbutton manufacturers such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown and GamerFinger have each produced specific models with a clear or translucent plastic cap and flat plunger.  These are often used to display a graphical insert, allowing you to enhance the button's appearance.  That said, each button manufacturer has designed the artwork cap with a different diameter than their competitors. For example, GamerFinger's artwork cap has a diameter that is slightly larger than Seimitsu or Sanwa.  An insert cut for a Sanwa artwork cap will fit loosely when inserted into the GamerFinger artwork cap.  This is an undesirable result that can produce a white or colored ring around the insert. 

Now, you can choose the button insert cut to match the pushbutton you intend to use.  This allows the insert to fit snugly within the cap.

Manufacturer and Model with Artwork Caps

  • Sanwa - OBSC (30mm) | OBSC (24mm)
  • Seimitsu - PS-14-GN-C (30mm) | PS-14-DN-C (24mm) | PS-14-K (30mm) | PS-14-KN (30mm) | PS-14-DN-K (24mm)
  • Crown - SDB-201-C (30mm and 24mm)
  • GamerFinger - HBFS30 (30mm and 24mm)
  • Gravity (30mm and 24mm, currently not available on all listings as many internal templates require adding this new button model).

In some instances, if a button brand or model does not have a 24mm equivalent with art cap.  In this case, we will cut to the default size of Sanwa 24mm insert.

Please note that if you later intend to purchase a different button, you may need to get new button inserts or new artwork. If you are uncertain which button you may choose, Sanwa is chosen by default.

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