How do I order custom artwork on your website?

If you have never visited before or unfamiliar with the website, but desire to have artwork printed for a Fightstick you own, you can follow this detailed guide to get started:

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Step 1: Artwork Preparation

If you haven't already prepared your artwork, we provide Photoshop templates of Fightstick models that we currently support to help you submit this file properly. The templates specific to the model you choose are listed on every product description if you scroll down a bit.  This also a link in the product description tab called "Templates".  You can also potentially find your Fightstick model here.

If you have access to Photoshop, this article - Tips on Submitting Control Panel Print and Cut Artwork - can help you optimize your artwork for our printing service. If you don't own Photoshop, please read this article - I don't own Photoshop. What are my options to submit Fightstick artwork for printing? - about submitting artwork using our template and an alternative graphics app, or without a template. 

Not Sure How to Prepare Artwork? Hire a Fightstick Designer

If you're not comfortable with Photoshop or artwork design, you may consider hiring a designer to help you. They can often prepare the artwork so that all you need to do is submit it to us.

Step 2: Visit the FA Plexworks Custom Section on

  1. With your artwork ready to go, visit the Popular Services > Custom Fightstick Plexi and Artwork section
  2. From the list just below "Fightstick Plexi and Artwork" click on the link specific to the brand of fightstick that you own. (ie: if you own the Hori Fighting Edge for PS3/PS4, click on "Hori" from the list).
  3. On the next page, you will see a list of products representing custom artwork, blank plexi and custom plexi.  The artwork is listed first. Choose the model you own from the list of products.  (ie: if you own the Hori Fighting Edge for PS3/PS4, choose "Artwork Print and Cut for Hori 2017 Fighting Edge (PS4 Model)"

    Important: The artwork picture displayed in the product page does NOT represent the specific artwork you will receive when placing an order. These are just sample illustrations. You will submit your own artwork for print and cut.

    Artwork sample

Step 3: Choose your Cut Options

On the next page, to the right or below the product photo, you will see a list of options applicable to customizing your artwork cut to your preferences.  We will cover some of those below:

Button Layout

Each Fightstick has its own characteristics, with some sharing similar elements, such as the popular Vewlix button layout.  We will specify what options are available for each Fightstick.  Below are the most common button layout configurations.

sample-8button.png sample-first6.png sample-last6.png sample-7button-vewlix.png
8-Button Vewlix First 6 Buttons Last 6 Buttons 7 Button Vewlix

Removing Default Elements

Some Fightsticks, such as the popular MadCatz TE, offer additional personalization options by removing default elements such as control panel, start button, or screws.  Cut options are defaulted to their authentic counterpart, displayed as [YES (default)] in the options list.  For example, a MadCatz TE, the default configuration is to have the turbo/guide portion of the control panel cut, so that the control panel can fit properly.  You have the option to select [NO] to prevent cutting these areas.  

sample-8button-noturbo.png sample-nostart.png sample-8button-nomiddlescrew.png
Cut Control Panel? [NO] Cut Start Buttons [NO] Cut Middle and/or Bottom Screws? [NO]

Cut Control Panel? [NO] - If you own a MadCatz TE, and installed a PS360+, you may no longer need the Turbo/Guide area of the control panel, located at top left.  This option allows you to remove the Turbo/Guide portion.  Please note that you MUST remove the actual control panel on the TE by unscrewing it before applying the plexi, or you risk damaging the plexi.  Also, please make certain to select this option if you are also choosing to have artwork printed, or the plexi and artwork won't match.

Cut Start Buttons [NO] - On some joysticks - such as the Qanba Q4 - the start button is directly on the panel.  You can select to have this removed.  You can also select this should you desire a panel similar to the Eightarc Fusion or Synthesis series Fightstick, as the start button is moved elsewhere.  Again, this option is available on specific joysticks.

Cut Middle and/or Bottom Screws? [NO] - Selecting "no" on this option allows you to remove the middle top and bottom screw holes on specific joysticks, either for a cleaner appearance or to avoid rubbing your wrist against the screw.  Please reconsider this option if you intend to have a full panel etch on your plexi, as etching physically changes portions of the plexi due to heat.  In this case, it is best to leave the screw holes in place in order to keep the panel securely positioned.

Cut Button Inserts

Plexworks Diagram: Button Artwork Cut Size Comparison
Pushbutton manufacturers such as Sanwa, Seimitsu, Crown and GamerFinger have each produced specific models with a clear or translucent plastic cap and flat plunger.  These are often used to display a graphical insert, allowing you to enhance the button's appearance.  That said, each button manufacturer has designed the artwork cap with a different diameter than their competitors. For example, GamerFinger's artwork cap has a diameter that is slightly larger than Seimitsu or Sanwa.  An insert cut for a Sanwa artwork cap will fit loosely when inserted into the GamerFinger artwork cap.  This is an undesirable result that can produce a white or colored ring around the insert. 

Now, you can choose the button insert cut to match the pushbutton you intend to use.  This allows the insert to fit snugly within the cap.

Brands and Model with Artwork CAPS

In some instances, a button brand or model does not have a 24mm equivalent with art cap.  In this case, we will cut to the default size of Sanwa 24mm insert.

Please note that if you later intend to purchase a different button, you may need to get new button inserts or new artwork. If you are uncertain which button you may choose, Sanwa is available by default.

Step 4: Upload your Artwork File 

  1. Now you will submit your graphic file.  If you haven't already prepared your artwork, look back at Step 1 of this guide.

    Click on the "Choose File" button and a dialog window will appear.  You can use it to find your artwork on your local computer's file system.  Once you found the file, press enter or "open".

    Screenshot - upload section
  2. Finally, press "Add to Cart" and please wait. A small "Loading...Please wait..." message will appear in the center of your screen during the upload process.

    Please note that uploading speed depends on your own connection, and may take several seconds to a minute to upload completely.  Do not attempt to stop the upload while it is progressing.  If you find that the upload percentage hasn't changed for at least one minute, it is possible that the connection was interrupted.  You can then refresh your browser and try again from Step 2, part 3.

    Please see this screenshot for reference:

When your file has completed, a new window will appear confirming that the order is added to your shopping cart.  Please see this screenshot for reference:

Screenshot - added to cart

What do I buy to protect the Artwork?

Often, commercial fightsticks from MadCatz, Hori, Razer, Qanba and others may have original Fightstick panel that contains artwork permanently attached to it, the panel was not originally designed to accomodate custom artwork, or did not come with a plexi panel. After adding custom artwork to your cart, look for the Fightstick Plexi that matches your Fightstick model.  You can follow some of the same steps as outlined here.

If you choose to purchase a custom laser etch plexi, this article can help you submit a graphic file for etching properly:

Tips on Submitting Control Panel Etch Artwork

If you already purchased an enclosure with a plexi, such as from BNBFightsticks, AllFightSticks or Junkfood Custom Arcade, it is likely that you do not need to purchase a custom plexi top. 
Look for a note in our product listings to know whether your Fightstick comes with its own plexi top. 


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