I wanna post my newly customized Fightstick with you so you can share with your followers. How do I do that?

We're always glad to share Fightsticks that you have customized using a part or service from our store!  Here are the ways we can get your photos and share them with our fans and followers:


You can send us a direct message on our Facebook page.


In your post, include @focusattack and we'll receive a notification.  


Unfortunately, Instagram DMs contain photos that are too small and compressed to post. You can use any of the alternate ways listed above to reach us, or email feedback@focusattack.com.

Not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or prefer email?

You can send us a message at feedback@focusattack.com.  Attach your photos to the message, and write any information that you would like us to include in our post, such as your social media handle, or details about the Fightstick.

Important Note: We reserve the right to reject Fightstick share requests without notification.

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