My shopping cart items keep disappearing. Why?

Occasionally we receive reports that customers are unable to retrieve their shopping cart contents once they visit the cart page.  

Session Cookies

The contents of FA's shopping cart are saved to browser cookies, which are temporary files that a website may store on your local drive.  This is done so that the website can access information across multiple pages.  For example, if you add an item to the shopping cart and then visit another page, the browser cookie keeps that item so visiting another page will have access to it, all the way to cart or checkout.

Some browsers allow you to clear the cache or cookies at the start of a new browser session, such as quitting the browser or closing a browser window. This can remove the shopping cart contents, because the cookies are gone.

Please check whether this setting is enabled on your browser.  If it is, this may explain why the shopping cart at FA does not retain its items when you visit another page or the cart page.

Internet Explorer Quirks

Internet Explorer and Edge - while competent browsers - often have standards that differ from most other web-compliant browsers. It's our experience with customers that have reported issues, that the IE browser can disrupt the shopping cart's use of cookies to store data, rendering the cart empty upon trying to view it.

It is highly recommended that you switch to Chrome or Firefox, or Safari on Mac when viewing our website on a laptop or desktop.

Other Issues?

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, and confirmed that your browser settings do not clear cache or cookies at the start of a new session, we'd like to know more about your experience.  When sending us a ticket, please include:

  • Your browser app name [Chrome, Firefox, etc].
  • Whether you were using desktop/laptop or a mobile device.
  • If you had closed your browser window, or continued shopping the site in a new tab after closing an earlier tab.
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