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Thanks for taking interest in PX Pro color dustwashers! We print your submitted designs directly onto the acrylic washer. Here are helpful files and info to get you started. If you would like to place an order, you can do that here: focusattack.com/px-pro/  

Download Template

Download PX Pro Full Color Dustwasher Photoshop (PSD) Template (500Kb zip)

You can use WinZip or other unzip application to extract it.  On Mac, double-click to unzip using the built in extractor app.  On a PC, you may see an extra file with its name  preceded by a "._".  This is because the file was saved on a MacOS - you can delete that file.

Free Color/Pattern Template

Punch/Kick/Arrow Sample

Available for download is a free arrow/punch/kick pattern dustwasher template that you can use for your color dustwashers. The colors swatches attempt to closely match Sanwa's solid colors. Instructions illustrate how to swap pattern and background colors to make different combinations, plus how to create your own patterns.

Download PX Pro P+K Pattern Dustwasher Photoshop (PSD) Template (1.2Mb zip)

Anatomy of Photoshop Template

The Photoshop template serves as a positioning guide for your artwork or design.  There are separate and color-coded layers that represent each joystick model and shaft configuration, plus layers for each washer size we offer.  You can hide or  show each layer by clicking on the box next to each layer.  It will reveal an eye shaped icon when the layer is visible, and an empty box when it is hidden.


Please note that by default, all of the layers except for "PLACE ARTWORK HERE" are locked.  This is to prevent you from accidentally merging these layers to your artwork.

The template is 300dpi.  Most source artwork you will find on the internet is 72dpi.  However, depending on the screen pixel size of the artwork, you may still use it. We discuss print and screen resolution in this article: Screen Versus Print - A Helpful Guide   

Important Notes

No Photoshop? No Template?

Photopea | Online Photo EditorIf you would like to use a free, online Photoshop-like app to check out whether your artwork will work with a layout we offer, I highly recommend Photopea This amazing app works with our PSD templates and is a great way to preview your artwork or create new art files. It also exports to PSD, which is the format we recommend for submitting artwork.



Image FormatsIf you cannot use, or decide not to use our provided Photoshop template, we also accept JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PDF formats.  However we cannot guarantee desired output. A template allows us to ensure the position is exactly as you intended.  When we receive illustrations that do not use a template, we may resize, reposition or flip artwork to aesthetically work with the dimensions of the dustwasher and shaft hole. No refunds are offered for artwork submitted in these formats, or require designer modification to fit. 

If you do not own Photoshop or do not wish to purchase it, and cannot use Photopea, there are robust and free offline graphic editing apps such as GIMP Opens new tab and Autodesk Sketchbook Opens new tab for PC and Mac.  These are known to export to Photoshop PSD format with layers intact. That said, be sure not to export in a different format such as JPEG or PDF when using these apps, or you may merge the guidelines to your artwork. Merging them to your artwork will result in an order HOLD and email sent to you reporting the problem. If we receive no correction within 5 business days, we will print as-is, with no refunds offered. Instead, make sure to export your artwork to PSD format.

Photoshop Layers

Photoshop layers

In Photoshop, you can hide or show layers for each washer configuration we offer. Use the PLACE ARTWORK HERE layer to begin designing your artwork. You can add as many layers as needed.

Do not delete the locked layers, or merge them into your art. Merging them to your artwork will result in an order HOLD and email sent to you reporting the problem. If we receive no correction within 5 business days, we will print as-is, with no refunds offered.

Artwork is printed to the grey line. Anything outside of this line will not print. However, please make sure to allow for overprinting to the red line. Do not crop or mask your artwork to just the grey line. This ensures that the print goes to the edge of the washer.

Do Not Send Transparent PNGs

Please do not yet submit transparent PNG or Photoshop images without a background.  They will print with the white ink backing. We are working on a variation of this service that allows for transparency, but must provide a full explanation on the limits of transparent prints, and instructions on how to send artwork properly. If you send us a transparent PNG or Photoshop file with a transparent background, we will issue a warning in our Custom Job Tracker, and print it as-is.  No refunds are offered.

Please do not send transparent PNGs

What is PX Pro Full Color Direct Print Washer?

Not Paper or Vinyl Cutout

FA is known largely for high quality cardstock prints under plexiglass.  However, it's important to stress that as part of our new PX PRO service:

  • No paper with adhesive or vinyl is used.
  • Designs are printed directly on the acrylic
  • No opportunity for gaps, bubbling, or other elements. 
  • Artwork is front and center, often bright and vibrant with less obscurity.

Printed directly to acrylic

Available in Multiple Sizes

Most commercial Fightsticks utilize a 38mm dustwasher, considered a reasonable size to cover a 30mm joystick lever hole. You can also personalize smaller (31mm) or larger (45mm) and largest (55mm) washers. The larger 45mm and 55mm are suitable for all shaft sizes, and for some, provide a greater area to present a desired theme. For easier selection with the shaft size, each are available in its own listing.

Available in multiple sizes: Each in separate listing

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