How do I pre-order on

Only specially marked items are available for pre-order on You will find those items in our "pre-order" category.

Pre-order products are reserved, separate from any non-preorder products on our website. This means that you can only reserve pre-order items.  It is not possible to add common, non-pre-order products to your cart if a pre-order item is already in it, or vice versa.

Reserving your item in this manner ensures that when the pre-order item arrives, it will ship promptly, as staff can focus on shipping this product by itself. You also do not have to wait for your non-preorder items to ship. Just place a separate order and it will ship in the usual 2-3 business days. 

Additionally, if an expected reserve item release date misses its mark, staff can quickly refund your order in full should you request it.  In worse case it is canceled, we can immediately refund everyone who ordered it.

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