I didn't get order confirmation, but my card was charged. What happened?


If you ordered as a guest, please first check your email account's spam inbox.  It is possible that your order confirmation was filtered as spam.

If not, then it is possible that your order was rejected.  If that occurs, the funds have not actually left your bank.

Your bank holds your funds until approved by focusattack.com

When a credit card payment is issued to our payment gateway, it hasn't actually left your bank until our store approves the payment.  The funds are instead held by the originating bank.  Despite what it appears, we haven't actually received your funds because the transaction was not approved.

When a payment is rejected by our store, our payment gateway - the central system that accepts payments via credit card - immediately sends a command to your bank, telling it to release the funds back to your account.  However, your bank can take 1-5 business days to release those funds back to your account.

Why was my payment rejected?

The most common reason why credit card payments are rejected in this fashion is that the customer has moved recently, and uses his or her new residence as a billing address.  The address verification system (AVS) still has the older residence on file.  When our gateway checks the address and it doesn't match, the payment is rejected.  The store does not accept the order, and you do not receive an order confirmation.

To correct this, please retry ordering by entering your original billing address and new shipping address.  It will take some time for your bank or credit card company to reissue new billing address under your credit card.

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