I tried using Paypal or credit card, but the store didn't finish the transaction. Why?

We use PayPal as our payment gateway.  Paypal accepts both its own funding and credit cards. Certain factors may cause the transaction to fail:

Old Billing Address

Did you move recently?  Your credit card may still have your old billing address.  This can trip up our address verification system if you entered your new address into the billing portion of checkout.  If you receive an error, try entering your old billing address, and talk with your bank or credit card provider to get your new billing address registered to your credit card.

Expired Card or Failed Authorization

Your credit card may have expired.  You will need to provide a new card.

PayPal Account Doesn't Have Enough Funds 

Please check your PayPal account to confirm your wallet has enough funds to complete the transaction.  If your credit or debit card is linked to Paypal, ensure that enough funds are available.

The Shipping Address Must Be Allowed in Your Country's PayPal Account

When using Paypal, the shipping country must be allowed by the buyer's country of residence.  When it is not allowed, Paypal doesn't allow the purchase to continue. For example, if you live in Brazil, and want to ship to a location in New York, Paypal won't allow this.  You may need to use a valid credit card for the transaction instead.

These factors may require checking your current PayPal balance for sufficient funds, confirming an alternate payment method that is linked to Paypal or simply trying a second time.  We also use Paypal to process credit cards.  If you also experience this issue, please either try again or choose an alternate credit card.

If you have moved recently, or believe that you may have the card registered under an older billing address, please retry ordering by entering your original billing address and new shipping address.  It will take some time for your bank or credit card company to reissue new billing address under your credit card.

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