My credit card is linked to Paypal. Why do I still get an error at checkout?

We use Paypal Website Payments Pro to process credit cards.  While this offers most customers a seamless method to process their order, there are some restrictions for credit cards that use a specific currency.  Here is a list of the currency's that we can process natively via credit card:

  • AUD (Australian Dollar),
  • CAD (Canadian Dollar)
  • EUR (Euro)
  • GBP (UK Pound Sterling)
  • JPY (Japanese Yen - up to 1,000,000 JPY)
  • USD (US Dollar)

When a currency outside of this list is used for a credit card transaction, an error may appear:

Your financial institution has indicated that it could not successfully authenticate this transaction. To protect against unauthorized use, this card cannot be used to complete your purchase. You may complete the purchase by selecting another form of payment or use a different card.

If you have a Paypal account, and your credit card is registered to this account, you can choose "Paypal" during checkout.  Here, you can use the registered credit card to complete the purchase.

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