Can I add to an existing custom order?

To complete your order quickly, we depend on keeping an efficient system.  The Plexworks Job Tracker is your window into how we're doing.  All orders are part of a running queue.  Any additional orders you place while a previous custom order is in progress will be added to the end of the queue list, and this will push back release time for your complete order to ship.

When multiple custom orders are made, we do not combine them as they can often appear on different areas in our queue.  It's important that you instead plan ahead before placing your custom order.  

Please take note of the status of any custom order that is placed.  Orders that enter the status of "Moved to Production", "Moving to Artwork", "Moving to Plexi", or "Shipped" cannot be changed or canceled, and are not refundable, as this stage represents a completed custom order. 

Can you Combine my Custom Order with a non-Custom order I placed?

I'm afraid that we cannot combine custom orders with non-custom orders after the initial order was placed. 

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