I'm buying your products for resale. What is your policy on this?

While we cannot prevent customers who intend to resell when they purchase, we are not a distribution source. Orders that are made with intent to resell directly (that is, sold at a markup to another customer, rather than as part of a complete build) voids our order return policy, and will not receive technical support.  Once the product is sold to another customer, it is now your responsibility to assist that customer through your own store policies.

Because we are not a distribution source, we purchase as much as we need for a specific period of time.  Resellers skew our averages if they purchase all of our available stock.  This restricts customers who would want to buy a reasonable amount of product.

If we frequently see that a large quantity of certain products are purchased by a single person or group, we will have to impose quantity limits on those products.  

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