I want to return my unopened BNB kit. Why can't I do this?


The BNB Fightstick kit offers a simple, creative way for DIY'ers to build their own Fightstick.  As a custom built kit, however, it poses challenges to us a retailer when a customer asks to return it.  There are two  main reasons why we cannot accept returns of the BNB kit:

Kits are Custom Made to Order

BNB Kits - by design - are custom made-to-order based on your choices. The combination of material colors, side height and layout are unique to your preferences. 

We're unable to resell

Due to the unique combination of colors, heights and layouts of each BNB, there is no guarantee that we can find a buyer that shares the same exact preferences as yours. Resale of the kit is incredibly difficult under these conditions.  

Damage Risk upon Return

The BNB kits are specially packed in an attempt to mitigate risk of damage. We have no way to know that the return shipment won't end up damaged in transit back to our warehouse.

Screw this. I'm filing a Dispute or Chargeback

This is not encouraged for the following reasons:

  1. We will fight the dispute with evidence of the completed transaction, proper delivery and other details that indicate customer fraud.
  2. We must report the chargeback to our fraud protection service, which retains a domestic and international database of customers who file unwarranted disputes and chargebacks. This is shared with other retailers, who may decide cancel your order should the fraud service flag the order as a risk. 

We encourage customers to think about their purchases - we're are an arcade parts store, selling items that allow you to build and customize. These often aren't pre-assembled items that can be returned and resold. Custom products such as the BNB Fightstick Kit fit into that category. If this does not sound preferable, it is best to avoid the purchase. 

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