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Artwork sample courtesy of V4Charlie

Have a great idea for Fightstick artwork or etch, but lack the skills to design it?

Do you have great creative talents, and looking for new clients?

This section of Plexworks support aims to connect you to accomplished Fightstick artists in the community, and likewise to great clients.  If you're looking for help, read on, choose a favorite, and get in touch.

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  • Avatar
    kassian john tyler

    Name/Alias: Kassian ( Cyan ) -online handle

    (or contact me on my facebook page/portfolio)

    Description: I'm an animation Graduate with 4 years of experience in designing fightstick artwork and other types of designs for web, print and other products.

    Pricing: £60-70

    Geographic Location: United kingdom

    Etch Artwork? yes

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No, However, I have a few contacts who may, and I'm always up for sending you their way to help you and them out.
    (the same with buttons and balltops)

    Link to portfolio or service website: 

    Additional notes:
    I have worked with a large assortment of clients to create their design, i pride myself in my customer service, relatability and that I don't just slap an image on a template, I work with my client to Produce the design they really want.
    My work is done fast and to a high level of quality. often that means same day turnarounds.
    and i make sure that my customers are completely satisfied with their work
    Whilst my designs may be more pricey than others listed here you get what you pay for.

    I also offer completely original designs with custom drawn designs, though I do charge more for this type of design.

    Edited by kassian john tyler
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    Courtney Garvey

    Name/Alias: Courtney/Kono


    Description: part time amateur designer I do it for the love and creating designs people love.

    Pricing: £15 - £20

    Geographic Location: UK

    Etch Artwork?

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website: Coming Soon

    Additional notes: My work's been plastered around the FGC for month's now, I'm doing this as a hobby as I love design and hate to see people over charged for sub par work. I'm sure you'll agree there's nothing worse than paying for someone thing your not satisfied with. And that's what I'm about every single one of my customers is 100% satisfied with the designs I do for them.

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    Name/Alias: VforCharlie / V4Charlie


    Description: Everything from stick art, to posters, to logo design

    Pricing: $20 - $30 Depending on complexity. Please contact for quote.

    Geographic Location: USA

    Etch Artwork? Yes

    Design Custom Dustwashers? N/A

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: Please allow for 1 - 2 week turnaround time depending on workload.

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    Andrew Reeves

    Name/Alias: Andrew / Mr.Waffullz


    Facebook: @waffullzcustoms

    Instagram: @waffullz_customs

    Description: I can do various forms of custom artwork from stick art, line art, and logos.

    Pricing: $20 and up depending on the scale of the project.

    Geographic Location: Canton, MI
    Etch Artwork? Negative but I can learn.

    Design Custom Dustwashers? N/A

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: Please allow up to 1-2 weeks depending on work load :^)

    Edited by Andrew Reeves
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    Name/Alias: Dave Silverio / hibachifinal

    Contact: / twitter: @hibachifinal

    Description: I can do Graphic Design and I specialize in stylish Hand-drawn digital illustration and typographic touches. I do graphic-tee illustrations as well.

    Pricing (varies by scale of project): 

    • Graphics: $20 and up
    • Hand Drawn Illustrations: $50 and up

    Geographic Location: USA

    Etch Artwork? Yes

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: 

    • TWO-TIME Focus Attack SNAPBACK contest monthly winner
    • Turnaround time: estimate 1 week upon finalization of request. Varies by project scale and demands.
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    Evermore Standard

    Name: **Evermore Standard

    Artist: Sai Evermore


    Description: Free Lance Graphic Design for Social Media, Streaming and Gaming. Detailed Oriented always 100% Effort

    • Stick Art
    • Desktop Wallpaper
    • Phone Backgrounds
    • Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook Banners
    • Logo/ Icons

    Pricing (Prices May Vary Upon Request): 

    • Stick Art $40
    • Banners $10 - $15_ (Depending on the dimensions)_
    • Twitch Bundle $50 (Offline/Brb Page, Overlay with Player Cam, Icons and Banner)

    Location: USA - New York City

    Etch Work? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No

    Main Service Website:

    Additional notes: 

    • Estimated Request Completion: May take 1 - 5 days depending on the request.
    • No Printing or Shipping; I email the files after payment for the fastest way for the client to receive/print his or her art.
    • Screen shots will be provided with every change that the client requests after the first sample is sent.

    Affiliates: Dynamic Custom Beadworks, Geektasia, JP Customs, Anomaly Arcadesticks 

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    Name/Alias: DeathZeroZX


    Description: I have a lot of history on SRK designing fightsticks. I also helped clients with printing services and even installed art for them. My designs reflect a polished sleek design with explosive art which I like to call "organized chaos". Former designer of IE Battlegrounds, I created their classic logo and helped with a lot of Super Arcade streams including VMH, SBO, 3S events and also SFII Turbo at Evo 2013.

    Pricing: $30 each per top and bottom panel. Extras may vary and will be quoted per project. All art will be delivered digitally after payment.

    Geographic Location: Irvine, CA

    Etch Artwork? Designed only

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: Please allow at least 1 week for turnaround. Will allow 2 revisions with each project. Prefer to work with a maximum of 3 renders of characters on each panel.

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    Carlos Cruz

    Name/Alias: Carlos Cruz/Tru Kaos


    Description: Custom stick art based on customer needs.  I will try my best to meet customer needs and if I can't do it I can point you in the right direction.

    Pricing: $15-$25 based on complexity of the design 

    Geographic Location: Bethlehem, PA (USA)

    Etch Artwork? Designs only

    Design Custom Dustwashers? If template is available yes

    Link to portfolio or service website: 

    Additional notes: Allow enough time for me to complete the project, I try to get it done within a day or 2 but it can take up to a week. I also update periodically with the art so we can reach an end point with as little revisions as possible.

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    Maxx Melanson

    Name/Alias: Maxx "Madoublex" Melanson

    Contact: ; Skype: mmadoublex

    Description: I've been screwing around in photoshop since the fourth grade, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good at it. I was a late bloomer in the FGC, but now I'm completely infatuated, especially with designing stick art. I want to make exactly what you want, even if you don't necessarily know what that is. You don't pay until you are 100% satisfied, and I try to work as close to my clients as possible to ensure that happens quickly, and efficiently.

    Pricing: $20-$25 based on complexity of design

    Geographic Location: South Florida

    Etch Artwork? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Case by case basis, inquiries welcome

    Link to portfolio or service website: N/A

    Additional notes: I'm not exactly well established, but I know my stuff. Between schooling and work, the actual art itself may take anywhere from a day to a week. Willing to contact over Skype to work with you in real time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, as quickly as possible.

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    Nicholas Smith

    (For some reason the comments autoformat this post. If possible can someone please edit my post to make it not a mess? Thank you.) Name/Alias: Nicholas Smith or KPM/Kusoge Pot Monster Contact: or Twitter @702_KPM

    Description: I've worked from Photoshop and GIMP starting from forum signatures during my Freshman year in High School. I've also majored in Graphic Design through a special program in the High School I've attended. I am currently working towards my Bachelor's in Graphic Design in Uni. As of now I am a new and budding artist, I've yet to perfect drawing but I still know Photoshop very well. I've only just now returned to focusing on a Graphic Design career. I'm still new to this freelance thing, but I'll do my best to satisfy your request.

    Pricing: 10$ minimum, prices may vary depending on complexity of work.

    Geographic Location: Las Vegas, USA

    Etch Artwork? No.

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No.

    Link to portfolio or service website: Under construction as of this post. Check my Twitter once I do get it made.

    Additional notes: I am still a Full-time University student as well as the fact I do work a part-time job. This is a thing I'm doing on the side to prepare myself for when I get my degree, so please bear with me in terms of deadlines. I prefer working in real time so I can get the exact details of what you want of your art. I'll do my best to complete your request within a week, but when the school year is going on do not expect it to be finished quickly. The prices are kept low solely because it will take more time for me to produce something compared to everyone else while I am at school.

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    Name/Alias:Abraham Rodríguez aka ninja-nutria

    Contact: twitter @abr_rod

    Description:Graphic designer,cartoonist and illustrator. part of the Skullgirls community, active member. my work draw inspiration from japanese manga buti can adapt to a more western style.

    Pricing:$30 fullcolor ($10 extra character)

    Geographic Location: Mexico,Tampico, Tamaulipas.

    Etch Artwork?
    Designs for etching (provide template)

    Design Custom Dustwashers?
    Designs for dustwashers (provide template)

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes:
    -NSFW is ok, but nothing to extreme (scat,child porn,eroguro)
    -Pay upfront via paypal
    -All commissions will be send in hi-res png through email.
    -I retain rights of the work but feel free to use it for personal use.

    Edited by Nutria
  • Avatar

    Artist: NewYork'sFinest (cR | cK)


    Description: Graphic designer for critical reaction & cleankillgg.
    Specializing in Fightstick artwork, social media graphics,Stream graphics, & more such as


    • Desktop Wallpaper 
    • Mobile Wallpapers 
    • Twitter Headers
    • Astro Speaker Tags 
    • Xbox one wallpapers
    • Movie Posters
    • Video Thumbnails


    Pricing can be found here:

    Location: Bronx, NY

    Etch Work? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No

    Main Service Website:

    Additional notes:
    Artwork is emailed in PNG format for printing. I do not print or ship.


    Edited by Jeremy
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    Demo Metalico

    Name/Alias: Thanh "DIO" Nguyen


    Description: California is my base and can draw any art style. Can't wait to get to work!

    Pricing: $9.99 for control panel art, $5 for any artwork, $6.99 for etch artwork

    Geographic Location: CA, USA

    Etch Artwork? Yes

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No

    Link to portfolio or service website: [WEBSITE URL]

    Additional notes: Accept any request for any game franchise

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    Tyreek Henderson

    Name/Alias: Tyreek Henderson aka Armada


    Status Queue: OPEN

    Description: Graphic Designer who specializes in Fightstick Art and more.


    Geographic Location: DE, USA

    Etch Artwork? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: 

    - I do not make logos

    - I do not build or mod fightsticks from scratch

    - I do not sketch/Draw artwork

    - I do not Print and Ship.

    - I do not & will not order prints for clients

    - I do not make Emotes or Emojis

    - Depending on the workload, Please allow up to 7 days for the full turn around

    - Artwork will be sent in PNG, PSD, or PDF format via GDrive

    - Payment options Via Paypal, Chime, Venmo or by Invoice (Debit/Credit)

    - I do not accept E-checks 

    - Upon completion of a design, You will be given a one week window afterwards for any revisions that you may want done during that time frame. once that week has come to pass, I'll have no choice but to Delete the original PSD file as to save up on PC storage space so keep this in mind.

    Edited by Tyreek Henderson
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    youssef saddouq

    Name/Alias: Youssef Saddouq / AtlaS


    Description: Hello, i design arts for fight sticks and any graphic related subject,and i'm open for commissions,my job is done when you're satisfied at 100%

    Pricing: art for fight sticks : 20/30$
    Twitch/Steam boxes : 15$
    Facebook/Twitter banners/covers : 10$
    Logos: Standard : 30$ - Pro : 50$ and above.

    Console skins : 15$

    Geographic Location: Marrakesh - Casablanca Morocco.

    Etch Artwork? YES

    Design Custom Dustwashers? YES

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Some of my work,i can provide more on demand :

    fight sticks :

    Misc :

    Additional notes:
    -I don't print and ship.
    -The arts will be sent as known formats : png,psd,pdf via E-mail.
    -As said my job is done when you're at 100% satisfied.
    -After sending the art ,you have one week window to ask for modifications,otherwise i will delete it from my HDD after a week.

    -You can give feedback and ask for modifications since i will be showing previews.
    Payments via PayPal (after the first preview)
    -My time zone is GMT+0.

    Edited by youssef saddouq
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    Name/Alias: Felipe "CKNG" Fernandez


    Description: pls buy my sh*t

    Pricing: 20$

    Geographic Location: Brazil ( GMT -2 )

    Etch Artwork? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: In addition to commisions all the stuff on the imgur album is currently available, i will keep the album updated with new stuff and removed whenever a sell.

    And doesn't matter what the teamplate used in the above arts is, obviously i will edit/add/remove stuff to your taste and whatever is, your needed template.

    To commisions contact me in "" with the following informations:

    Template: Your fightstick.

    Images: Theme,character,game or whatever you want your art to be about. Feel free to link some specific image you want me to use

    Colors: Primary/Secundary/Etc

    Extras: Whatever you want, that isn't categorized above.

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    Rodolfo Rodriguez

    Name/Alias: Rudy aka Ethnic Toast


    Description: Based in Florida, I've been making fightstick art since 2009. I specialize in more subtle designs but can do busier artwork if thats what you're looking for.

    Pricing: $40 for fightstick art

    Geographic Location: USA

    Etch Artwork? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? No

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes: 1-2 weeks turnaround time. Check out my site for examples and if you need other services such as video editing, i'm your man.

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    Andrew Maddison

    Name/Alias:Benevolent Icecream

    Description: I enjoy making arcade artwork in my freetime and have done it for mostly the people in the undernight community

    Pricing: £20 for artwork design £30 for etching design

    Geographic Location: England

    Etch Artwork? I can try

    Design Custom Dustwashers? no

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Additional notes:
    I will make 2 designs and ask you throughout to choice what you prefer for details during the designing and 2 minor revisions after completion included in price

    Edited by Andrew Maddison
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    Renz Reginald Macay

    Name/Alias: Renz Reginald Macay aka "Rmac"

    ▪️Discord: R m a c#6548

    Description: Architect/Designer, but I do graphic design & layout as my freelance work/side job or basically a hobby. I design fight stick artworks personally since 2019, but now I'm offering my design services for others.

    ▪️$30 for standard fight stick artwork [top panel]
    ▪️$45 for complete panels (Eg. BNB & Espada fight sticks)
    (+) price may increase depending on the complexity of the requested design.

    Geographic Location: Philippines [South East Asia] (GMT: UTC+08:00)

    Etch Artwork? No

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes, But please provide me the template.


    [Regularly updated when an artwork is finished]

    Additional notes:
    ✅Payment first basis to reserve slot. Via PayPal.
    ✅Final artwork will be sent via e-mail in PSD format.
    ✅Queued clients will be placed in my Discord Server where we further discuss.
    ✅Average 3-4 business days to finish certain artworks.

    ❎I don't do sketches or original illustrations as of the moment.
    ❎I don't print & ship.

    🚫NO RUSH!

  • Avatar
    The Arcade Stick

    Name: The Arcade Stick


    Description: custom fightstick artwork service team

    Pricing: $35 to $300+

    Location: United States, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay, France

    Do you also create etch artwork for plexi? No

    Can you create designs for custom dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Turnaround time: 3 days to 3+ weeks

    Edited by The Arcade Stick
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    Name: Jack

    Description: Midwestern FGC artist.

    Pricing: $50 base price artwork. Complexity and additional characters will raise price

    Geographic Location: USA

    Do you create etched artwork? No.

    Design Custom Dustwashers? Yes

    Link to portfolio or service website:

    Turnaround time: 1-4 weeks depending on complexity of illustration.

    Additional notes: I do not print/ship.
    Payment upfront via PayPal invoice

    Most active on Twitter. For inquiries please either send me a DM or email me @

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