Fightstick Control Panel Artwork

Control panel artwork represents one of the most convenient means to personalize your fightstick, giving it a new look almost immediately. 

Sample Artwork IllustrationArtwork prints are developed using the top-of-the-line Roland professional inkjet printer and cutter machine, offering vivid, professional-quality artwork replication, plus clean perforations around border and button cuts.

Paper media artwork is printed on 10 mil Endura® Poster 225 semigloss paper as part of a spooled roll.  It carries 95% brightness and tensile strength of 60 pounds per inch.

As we introduce vinyl printed artwork, we will have the specs listed here.  

Artwork is surrounded by a durable plastic sleeve.  Button cutouts are placed in its own zip bag  All custom plexi and artwork orders are sandwiched between two or more layers of corrugated cardboard, and surrounded in bubble wrap or similar wrapping.

What We Can (and Can't) Do.

  • We can and will cut inner pushbutton artwork for you.
  • We can cut prints to your plexi specification.  You can select your button configuration in the product listings pertaining to each joystick.
  • We can accept standalone (non-photoshop) artwork and attempt to resize it to fit the dimensions of your fightstick.  Please note that this has many caveats.  Artwork submitted without a template is left to our best judgement as to how to position it.  You will not have the ability to dispute this for refund or return.  We recommend that you use the provided templates for each joystick configuration.
  • We cannot sell copyrighted artwork, nor use anyone else's artwork from previous completed orders.  You will see examples of artwork that has commercial artwork used only as examples.  We cannot sell this, however.  What we can sell is the ink and the paper you print your custom artwork on, and the services performed.
  • We cannot print artwork that depicts extreme morally objectionable content such as pedophilia or underage sex, or overtly racist or hateful content. We reserve the right to reject custom orders that violate this policy. 
  • We cannot design your custom artwork.  If you are not confident in designing your own artwork, please check out our growing list of independent designers, as they could potentially help you.
  • We cannot guarantee that artwork completed on someone else's template will work with ours.  Artwork templates designed for an alternative service were made specifically to work with that company's machines.  If you want to guarantee that artwork will print correctly in our setup, please use our available templates. 
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