I have a package that hasn't arrived on time. Can you give me an ETA or update on it?

One of the most common assumptions is that retailers will have more information regarding a customer's shipment than they do.

The fact is, we often don't have more information about the shipment than what you see in the tracking. Retailers are commonly provided tracking information from the carrier.  That tracking ID is passed to you, which you can use in most tracking sites to see its progress.  With few exceptions, or a call to the carrier there is no internal tracking system that tells us more about your shipment current point in transit.  If we had one, we'd present it to you so these questions weren't so common.

Domestic and international shipment often pass through many trucks, planes, sorting facilities and other areas once it leaves our warehouse. We depend on the carrier to do their job - to ship the order we give them, and to do so in a timely manner.  

When an order is shipped, it's helpful to set expectations based on your chosen shipping method, your destination, and other factors that we don't have control of, but will try to assist where we can.  Here are some helpful articles.

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