FA doesn't ship to Mexico. Why?

Mexico stands just south of the border of Texas USA.  Fighting game players from that country are just as enthusiastic as any other.

For many years we have attempted to ship to Mexico to serve those players.  However among them were several that would violate our store policy.  This would come in the form of chargebacks for properly delivered items (called "friendly fraud"), credit card identity theft, and other store policy infractions.  

Each time we closed shipping to the country, legitimate Mexico customers who understandably felt this policy was unfair to them would ask to re-open.  Each time we did, the other group would again violate policy.  

Fraud is not uncommon in other countries, or domestic USA. Unfortunately, we have found that the most frequent infractions were from Mexico, forcing us to close permanently as of October 3, 2017. 

For a list of other countries that have limited or restricted shipping, please visit this article:

"Unfortunately one or more items in your cart can't be shipped to your location" What does this mean?

FA apologizes for this inconvenience.


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