I live outside the USA. Do I have to pay VAT and customs charges for my order?

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If you are an international customer ordering from FA, then you are importing a shipment from the United States to your home country.  Depending on the carrier, it is highly likely that you will have VAT (value added tax) and customs charges associated with importing this shipment.  For example, FedEx is a private carrier, and thus will always collect customs tax. This is a fact for most countries - something you must keep in mind when making a purchase from an international destination. These are not charges imposed by Focusattack.com; your country is responsible for imposing these fees on imported products.

At checkout, we display a notice in the shopping cart before checkout.  Please consider these costs before purchasing. 

Why can't I see those VAT and customs taxes at checkout?

Focusattack.com is based in the United States and mostly serves domestic American customers.  Our store's e-commerce system cannot present VAT or customs fees for individual countries at checkout. 

Okay, what are my VAT and Customs fees, then?

Please use this handy chart to locate your country's VAT.

https://taxsummaries.pwc.com/quick-charts/value-added-tax-vat-rates Viabox Website (opens new window)

Can't You Just Send my Package as a Gift?

We cannot do this.  Postal regulations require that we post the actual retail amount of a commercial product in the package. It is illegal to do otherwise.  Any requests to adjust customs fees will be ignored; please do not ask.  We also cannot mark your shipment as "gift" to avoid customs fees.  You are responsible for these taxes; we have no control over import taxes that are added by customs in your country.  If you plan to purchase frequently within the US, you may want to consider Viabox.

If you shop online stores in the USA quite often, you may also find that Viabox may provide a solution for cheaper shipping rates. You can have multiple orders shipped to a Viabox supplied USA address, enjoy the low or free shipping rates from various domestic retailers, and pay a lower fee to Viabox to have the combined order shipment delivered to you. Information about Viabox is available here:

https://www.viabox.com/ Viabox Website (opens new window)

My Order has Arrived but I Refuse to Pay VAT or Customs Fees! 

FA will have the shipment returned, or destroyed.  This will depend on the value of the shipment, the VAT, customs fees and costs to return. If FA has the order returned, those costs (shipping, return shipping, VAT and other fees) will be deducted from your refund. 

If the order is destroyed, we will not issue a refund, and will vigorously fight any chargeback claims. Repeated refusals to pay VAT from a country may risk FA no longer shipping to that destination.

As a result, you may receive very little money in the refund, or no money. 

Customs and VAT are a common expectation when importing from one country to another.  We encourage you to consider your country's VAT costs before purchasing, and do NOT purchase from our website if you do not agree with those costs.



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