What does the order status Pre-Order or Custom Order mean?


Pre-orders allow you to reserve specially marked products that are not yet delivered to our warehouse.  For example, you will often find pre-orders for Udon comics that are not yet released.  Pre-orders will contain an estimated shipping date, and are subject to change from the manufacturer.

Custom Orders

Custom Orders relate to our FA Plexworks services in which customers submit personalized artwork for printing or etching onto plexiglass or paper.  These require 7-10 business days (or more if demand is very high) to complete as these orders become part or a queue.  If you placed a custom order, you can keep track of its progress in the Custom Job Tracker.

It is important to note that if you have a pre-order, you will not have a custom order, and vice versa. This may help you avoid confusion over how this status is displayed.

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