I don't own Photoshop. What are my options to submit Fightstick artwork for printing?

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Online Apps

If you would like to use a free, online Photoshop-like app to check out whether your artwork will work with a layout we offer, I highly recommend Photopea. This amazing app works with our PSD templates and is a great way to preview your artwork or create new art files. It also exports to PSD, which is the format we recommend for submitting artwork.

Visit Photopea 


Desktop Apps

Many that don't own a copy of Photoshop will often use the free, open source application GIMP to create artwork using our control panel templates. It is possible to import our Photoshop templates into GIMP. Plexworks currently does not support GIMP's .XCF format, but GIMP does export to Photoshop .PSD format.

Another possible alternative is Autodesk Sketchbook, recently made free to download and use.  It will open Photoshop PSD files, allow you to work in layers, and export to PSD.  We have tried it and it does function well.

I don't have a template.  What Now?

If you cannot or don't want to use a template, Plexworks will also accept files in JPG, TIFF, and PDF.  However, please note there are some caveats when submitting these formats and without a template:

  • Often, artwork saved as PDF in Photoshop will automatically flatten all of the layers into one single layer.  We cannot use this because the guidelines must be removed before we print the artwork.  The guidelines are only for your use when positioning artwork elements.  If you have Photoshop, please save as a layered PSD file instead. You won't help us by saving in PDF.
  • Artwork that are submitted without our Photoshop templates, a smaller size than 300dpi, or other inconsistency from our templates will be prone to judgement calls from our fulfillment team when sizing for print within our internal templates. We will post warning notes of possible changes that we have to make in order to print the artwork.  Please note that custom artwork services are not refundable.
  • Please consider the artwork you are using in relation to the Fightstick layout you want to print on.  For example, buttons, control panels, and other elements may block out key parts of the artwork when cut.
  • Please keep in mind that artwork submitted without our Photoshop template will be attempted to line up with our internal templates, but may not align exactly as expected. If you are concerned about positioning, then please use our Photoshop templates to submit your artwork.
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